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Our Customers include Contractors, Property Owners, Tenants, Property Management, Architects, Government Agencies

Sweeping & Scrubbing 

Whether your need is to degrease a 1000 sq ft shop floor or clean the joints, sweep, scrub & seal a 1,000,000 sq ft warehouse, we own the equipment to perform those services in an efficient timely manner.  


Liquid Chemical Hardener / Densifier / Dustproofer 

Economical long lasting Silicate, Siliconate, Lithium, Magnesium & Fluosilicate penetrating treatments.  


Sealers & Coatings 

Water & Solvent Based Sealers, Cost Effective Thin Film Water Based Epoxy & Polyurethane Coatings, High Performance 100% Solids Epoxy, Polyurethane & Polyurea, Decorative Color Flake & Quartz.


Oil & Water Repellents 

VOC Compliant non-film forming Silanes, Siloxanes and Nano Scale penetrating treatments.


Joint Filler / Crack, Spall & Joint Repair / Anchor & Bolt Hole Prep and Fill 

Semi-Rigid Epoxy & Polyurea Joint Sealant, Fast Setting Cementious & Epoxy Repair, Fixture Removal Repair.


Decorative Stains 

Acid Stain, Acrylic Stain, Dye / Decorative Etching, Sand Blasting, Scoring, Grouting, Logo’s.


Micro-Top & Overlay Systems 

Trowel Applied Cementious Systems for Basic Utility or Decorative Applications.


Diamond Grinding & Polishing 

Basic Grind & Seal, uncolored or colored / Complete Diamond Polishing, Dye, Seal.